Scarpe artigianali dal lusso discreto

Here is a chat with Gianluigi Baracco, CEO at the Henderson Baracco, a brand of Made in Italy footwear which has been entrusting its own manufacture to Venetian artisan for more than 80 years.

When and how was the brand established? My family started making shoes in the 30's in a craftmade workshop under the name of the founder:Giuseppe Baracco. With the years passing by, the business developped and enlarged itself, when finally in 1960 the Henderson brand is founded. Now we produce and market this brand which connects and joins our historicity: Henderson Baracco.

What ispires the creations? Some key words are: originality, refinement, lightness, dynamism. All these characteristics can be found in the shoes for women by Henderson. The woman who chooses our brand is careful to the product's quality and is sophisticated in her taste but at the same time she is dynamic, committed, and for this reason a lot demanding in terms of comfort.

Where do you produce your footwear? Everything is produced in our workshop at Vigonovo, a town on the Riviera of Brenta, between Padua and Venice.

Which is your favourite creation? Always the following one!

Which type of materials and styles do you prefer working with? I prefer working with all the soft, natural and esteemed materials, but never with banal and poor ones. With all materials which let us work with them, which make us enrich them with shades and which give special sensations to the tact.

Which is the colour that cannot miss in your collections? It's not about colours, it's about shades. The colour never has to be flat, of only one colour. We use special craftmade production processes in order to break up the different tonalities and to restore them with coloured waxes and a brushing technique or with specific aging processes. All this is to give colours a sensation of depth, reflex and movement..

Which is the perfect outfit in order to complete the creations? A pair of white trousers, Capri style, with an oversize shirt. Otherwise it goes perfectly with a more elegant suit skirt-trousers. Also a pair of high-waisted shorts with a T-shirt inside are perfect for our espadrilles.

Do you have plans for the future? Henderson 2.0! We are giving birth to an ambitious project of growth that will lead us to the shift of the workshop into a new office that we will build ad hoc, wider and contemporary. Then there is also the upcoming launch of the e-shop, a very important step for us on which we rely a lot.