General conditions of sale

Hendersonshoes.COM is the only website authorized to sell official products of the Henderson’s brand.

All products for sale are therefore original and purchased directly by the manufacturer. The society, through the hendersonshoes.Com website, is the official seller of all products and all the brands on this website. The products sold are therefore accurately selected according to rigid quality control standards.

The hendersonshoes.COM website offers its costumers the opportunity to buy only shoes or accessories which are already available in stock. It is not provided for the costumer to order any item which is not already available. Therefore, the order which contains an article which has become not available in the meantime, even formere error, is void for the impossibility of performance.

The receiving of the order by the company throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website, is transmitted by the customer through the computer and determines the end of the Contract. With the conclusion of the contract, the company commits itself to provide to clients the products which have been ordered throughout the website hendersonshoes.COM within the terms and limitations provided in these Conditions, a part from the right of not processing orders for people who do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or those who do not enter in the category mentioned above, the"final consumer" or in case that, for what ever reason, the product ordered is not available.
With the dispatch of the order, all the regulations contained in these conditions must be accepted unconditionally and the costumer undertakes to observe them in relations with the company throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website.

Therefore, by placing the order, the costumer declares to have read and to know the current conditions and expresses its full and unconditional acceptance of the same,as well as the acceptance of other information contained in this website, referred to here in and /or connected vialink.

N.B When you reach orders with amount equalor greater than €.1.900,00 (VAT included) you may have to make another order.

1- Payment information

1.1 Form of payment
The item purchased must be paid together with the closing of the purchase transaction via credit card either by bank transfer, paypal or cash on delivery.

Credit Card
We remind our new customers that your first order must necessarily receive a check from the bank that issued your credit card. Our bank will contact your bank so that your details may be confirmed before you can proceed with the shipment. This check may bring to a delay with the shipment of your first order. After having bought on this website, the customer's financial information (such as creditcard number, expiration dateand personal data) will arrive directly to the Bank in charge of the payment transaction by encryption. Neither the company, nor any other, will never have access to it in anyway.

PayPal is easy to use. PayPal does not need either a financial information with every purchase, or to share your personal information. To send a payment with PayPal just open an account, confirm the email and attach a payment to your PayPal account.

Bank transfer
The company also accepts wire transfers as an alternative way of paying. The bank details will be available when it is time to pay, in order to successfully complete the transition. We will send your order when the transfer will be accredited to our account and as soon as the goods will be available in our warehouse. It is important to indicate in the motive of the bank transfer the order number that you will find in the mail that will confirm your order. We remind our customers that are going to use this method of payment that after 6 (six) working days for Italy and 15 (fifteen) working days in case of foreign countries, from the date of order entry, if the bank transfer has not yet been accredited to ourbank account, the company reserves the right to cancel the order.

The Mark
The company also offers the possibility to pay by MARK through the hendersonshoes.COM website . Cash payment involves an additional charge that the customer has to obtain by applying: 1) 0.4% of the value that has to be collected, for national shipments with a minimum of Euro 8.00. The cash payment will be made only for purchases with less than Euro 999,00.

In the event that the shipment of an order made with the MARK does not succeed for reasons attributable to the customer, the company reserves the right not to respond to a possible further order with the same method of payment. We also remind our customers to wait for the DHL courier with the exact amount of money in cash: the courier does not have any change, so if it is not possible to pay the exact amount of money, the shipping will not end successfully.
NB: cash on delivery is only available for shipments to Italy.

2 - Information on the exemption from VAT and import taxes

2.1 Price reserved for customers resident in Italy and in the EU countries
Prices of products that are published on hendersonshoes.COM reflect the actual selling price of the goods and include VAT.

2.2 Price reserved for customers in non-EU countries
Prices of products that are published on hendersonshoes.COM reflect the actual selling price including VAT; therefore, in the case of orders destined for countries outside the European Union, the total order will be automatically calculated online by subtracting theValue on the additional value.The final billwill reflect the VAT exemption.

2.3 Import taxes
According to the internal rules of each State, shipments with a destination in a country outside the European Union are exempted from VAT(Value Added Tax), but are subject to import taxes (DDU -DeliveryDutiesUnpaid).
The payment of these import taxes(DDU) are of sole responsibility of the final customer.
The prices of the products published on the hendersonshoes.COM website reflect the actual selling price including the VAT of the goods and does NOT include import taxes(based on the internal rulesof each state). At the moment of the purchase the system will disembody the tax from the total amount whether it is not due.

3 - Shipping Information

3.1 Shipping charges in - Italy
Shipments are made in Italy by UPS (or other courier). Shipping costs are calculated using the proper method which is found on the web page relating to the payment and at the conclusion of the order. Delivery times depend on the geographical place of destination of the goods. Generally all shipments to Italy arrive within 24/48 hours from the day when the shipment was made (excluding holidays). Delivery times for Europe are between 48 and 72 hours from the shipment’s date (excluding holidays). For shipments outside Europe, the Delivery is usually between 2 and 6 business days from the date of the shipment. Orders received during the weekend (from Friday night until Sunday night) we will be shipped on the following Monday or Tuesday. Delivery times are approximate and not binding in any case.

3.2 Shipping costs abroad
Shipments abroad are carried out by the UPS courier (or othercourier). As required by the law which regulate the trade, all the company’s shipments carried out by the hendersonshoes.COM website also have the official invoice which claims the value of the individual item in euros. For the discounted items the invoice shows the discounted amounts.

3.3 Date of dispatch
Orders are shipped from the company through the hendersonshoes.COM website from Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 14:00 pm, except during holidays. Orders placed during the weekend will be dispatched to the next Monday morning.

3.4 Products Available: immediate shipment
Orders are sent the first working day following the one in which the order has been placed, after having confirmed the availability of goods and after the verification of your bank details. We would like to remind our customers that the order must receive a final check by the bank, which means that the concerning bank will try to contact your bank to ensure that your details are confirmed and you we can then proceed with the shipment. This check may cause some delay in sending your first order.

3.5 Articles which are no longer available
If an article which has already been ordered is no longer available, the company throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website undertakes to send a communication by mail to the costumer communicating the impossibility of sending the goods which had been ordered. The customer can then choose whether to receive the full amount paid into its bank account or into is credit card as soon as possible or, it is possible to get a prepaid voucher that can be used on the next order. Accessing directly to their personal area, customers can view the status of their order.

3.6 Traceability of the shipment
From the moment in which the order is sent, the company throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website sends its customers an email with the tracking number provided by UPS. Customers can follow the status of their order directly from, or calling the Customer Service in Italy (02-30303039), in any other country you can find the assistance number looking on the UPS website.

3.7 Insurance on the shipment
The company’s shipments carried out throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website are insured against theft and accidental damage. Once the shipment reaches its destination the insurance loses its validity.

3.8 Shipment with authorized delivery
At the moment of the goods’ arrival, customers are asked to carefully inspect the package before signing, which proves the successful delivery of the shipment. The company’s package is always carefully packed in parcels. If, for any reason, the box looks tampered or if the tape is not intact, costumers are asked to sign, proving that the reception took place, or they can refuse the delivery. In the event that the box has been signed with an unauthorized signature or there is an evidence of tampering on the package, customers are asked to report the incident immediately and contact the company throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website at the address within 5 days. If for any reason the shipment can not be delivered successfully to the address provided by the customer in the commercial contract, the package is likely to be returned to the sender at the costumer’s cost. This amount will be deducted from the refund owed to the customer by the company throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website.

3.9 The shipment’s storage
In the case of a missed delivery of the shipment, after three delivery attempts, the UPS automatically sends to the sender ( the Opening of the Practice Holding Amounts Dossier. In the absence of dispositions by the final customer, the costumer through the website hendersonshoes.COM reserves the right to require the return of goods after 5 working days throughout the Hendersonshoes.COM website. As for France, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, UK, Poland, Spain and Italy a delivery attempt is made by UPS to the sender with reported the reason for the missed delivery and the request for instructions for the release, in the absence of provisions by the final customer, the company reserves the right to request the return of the goods after 10 working days throughout the Hendersonshoes.COM website. The customer will have the possibility to see the Opening Practice Holding Amounts Dossier and their order’s status directly in the website. Remember that all the storage costs are charged to the customer, as well as the cost of the possible restitution / return to the sender.

3.10 Documents for the shipment
As required by international trade regulations, all shipments are made by UPS means of assignment awarded by HendersonLtd., with an official invoice declaring the exact value in Euros of the items which have been sent. It is illegal to declare lower amounts or amounts different to the current ones or to ask that ordered items could be declared as donated items.

4 - Returns and Refunds

4.1 How to ful fill the return
The company has developed throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website a procedure for a simple and affordable return, in order to make your online shopping experience enjoyable even if your purchase will not fully satisfy yourself. The products which have been bought can be returned to the company throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website within 14 days from the date of delivery.

The official procedure in case of return is the following:

The official procedure that has to be followed in case of returned goods is the following:

1)You have to make sure that the products are in the same conditions in which you have received them and the product should not be used or damaged. You are responsible for the reduction of the product's value, resulting from a use different from the use of the product itself. Therefore, you will be responsible for the decrease of the product's patrimonial value and you will be entitled to a refund of the amount equal to the residual value of the product whether the returned products are damaged, without some of the accessories provided, from the wrapping to the original packing.

2)Complete the returned goods form that you will find online by specifying the items you wish to return. You will receive your return number and the confirmation of the goods' return a website.

3)Within fourteen days after the return, the products will have to be shipped to the following address  Via Venezia, 56 - 35010 Vigonza (Padova) Italy. The above-mentioned deadline will be respected if the return will be carried out within the expiry of 14 days, regardless of the date on which the products will actually be returned to Henderson.

We would also like to remember that:

  • We only accept returned goods that come from the country in which the order has been made, for which you have exercised your right of withdrawal and will be done with the same method of the payment you used for the purchase, in the shortest time possible and in any case within 14 days from the date on which the package returned to our warehouse. Returned merchandise without the safety cord will not be refunded.
  • The shipping for returning products are under your charge and all returned goods are under your responsibility until the package reaches our warehouse. Always make sure that you have a tracking number and keep the copies of your shipping.
  • If you have received a damaged or wrong product, please do motivate the reason for the return during the return request online, to be made with the same method as described in the previous paragraphs.

The company reserves the right to check the returned goods and to value any further costs for the refurbishment in the stock depending on the conditions of the goods.
The company reserves the right to require photographic support if necessary for the evaluation of the return process.

The return is in charge of the customer in the following cases:
- If the return is made for withdrawal, which means that the product’s return is for reasons not imputable to Hendersonshoes.Com
- Returns made in order to change color or size or to choose another item different from the one which had been bought.

The return is in charge of the customer. It is not possibile to change the size or the items directly but only the request for the return of money. Whether there are costs related to duties, VAT and any other taxes,they will be deducted from the price of the product that has to be returned .
We recommend sending by parcel the registered mail to avoid costs which have been described above.


5.1 Coupon
In case you own a personal discount code, you can use it when you have to pay by including it in the specific "APPLY COUPON" area. This will allow you to get a discount on purchases equal to the value of the coupon that you own or a percentage discount on purchases.

5.2 Further promotions and discount codes
Additional promotions may be carried out, or discount codes may be sent, depending on what has been communicated on the WWW.hendersonshoes.COM web pages.

6 - Website Policy

6.1 Articles and images online
The company disclaims, throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website, any liability,in the event that, due to a particular configuration of the computer used by the customer or due to a malfunction, the colors of the products displayed on the website appear to be slightly different than those original.
The images contained on the hendersonshoes.COM website are a’s property. Anyuse of these images which is not authorized by with a written assent will be prosecuted according to the law.Forfurther information please contact:

6.2 Items’ Availability
The range of items found in the hendersonshoes.COM website reflects the actual availability of each item in color and size. The website is,in fact,connected to the business warehouse. Once we have received the order request, the Department Orders, throughout its website hendersonshoes.COM, reserves the right to reconfirm the availability of the items, and to verify the validity of the transaction and of the details of the previous transactions carried ou tby the customer on the hendersonshoes.COM website.
In the event that the item ordered is not available, or if for any reason the order can not be processed as required by the costumer, the company’s Order Office will promptly notify it to the client throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website.

6.3 Legal Terms
This notice contains the terms and legal conditions that regulate the hendersonshoes.COM website. By accessing to the website hendersonshoes.COM users agree to accept and respect all the conditions included in this declaration. The company, throughout the hendersonshoes.COM website,reserves the right to ask Members who do not accept, or do not intend to comply with these terms, to avoid using the hendersonshoes.COM website. The access to the website and its services is solely addressed for personal use.The visualization of the hendersonshoes.COM website provides costumers with information on products and the possibility to purchase these items.

6.4 Property / Copyright & Trademark
The Hendersonshoes.COM and all of its content is owned by the This includes documentation, images, characters, design, music, software, codes and format scripts. The material on this website is protected by copyright. For this reason, any reproduction, modification, transmission, publication or redistribution to outside parties for commercial purposes without the express written assent from the is strictly forbidden. prohibits the use of the content or of the brands found on the website for any purposes different from those mentioned above.

6.5 Commercial\ policy reserves the right to refuse an order if its bankis unable to receive a checkfrom the bank's customer. reserves the right to refuse orders or to refuse the allocation of services to anyone at any time.

6.6 Final customers has created and published the hendersonshoes.COM website with the aim of offering an exclusive service to its customers. Items for sale on the hendersonshoes.COM website are uniquely destined to the final costumer. With final Customer, means a person who acts for purposes unrelated to his business or professional activity that may include but not be limited to the resale of goods purchased on hendersonshoes.COM. The company then invites users that do not take part to the Final Customer’s category to abstain themselfs both from attempting to establish business relations with the company, and from submitting purchase orders for goods on sale through third parties. In regard of the commercial policy described above, the reserves the right not to fulfill orders of good whose uses are not destined to the Final Customer or orders which do not comply with the commercial policies described above.

To be able to carry out orders on the hendersonshoes.COM website, costumers must:
1) Be at least 18 years old.
2) Be owners of the necessary prerequisites in order to stipulate agreements which are legally binding.
3) Have a valid email address.
4) Possess a valid credit card for the payment.

6.7 Declaration of responsibility publishes information on its website in order to provide a service to its customers. However it disclaims any responsibility for the possibility of any technical inaccuracies or factual and / or typographical errors for which is expected an immediate correction as a result of a warning. It also reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the site whenever necessary without prior notice. It does not guarantee the compliance of the information published on its website to the rules provided by the country’s jurisdiction in which the costumer lives. It assumes no responsibility for any problems, damages or risks you may encounter while using the website. It guarantees that its hendersonshoes.COM website is protected according to international standards expected for the Internet. If used correctly, users are protected from the risk of viruses. It disclaims any responsibility for any malfunctions associated with the decommissioning of the cookies in your browser. It reserves the right to amend / revise the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, by updating it, whenever it considers it worthwhile , without any obligation of giving notification. The user has complied with the terms contained in this legal notice, checking periodically for updates, changes and corrections.

6.8 The Italian law
The hendersonshoes.COM website, complying with the Italian law, in particular to the Court of Venice, declares:
"Users who access to this website declare to agree that allissues concerning the use of the hendersonshoes.COM website are regulated by the Italian State’s legislation. They also agree to be subjected exclusively to the competent Court of Venice for the issues mentioned above. does not guarantee that the content of the website complies with the legislation in force in othercountries. The access to the hendersonshoes.COM websitefrom places where its contents are thought to be illegalis expressly prohibited. Users who choose to access the website from these countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and of the penalties in which they might incur and they will be the solely responsible for the respect of its local laws. "