The laboratory
Our excellence

This laboratory’s history began 80 years ago. It is a story made up of people, but also challenges, passion and dedication to work. It is somewhere special, where memory and innovation exist side by side, the expression of constant commitment to the pursuit of all-Italian absolute excellence.

The tools of our trade
Our hands

Skilled, quick, expert, our hands are led by clever craftsmanship passed down from one generation to the next. These are hands that work with old utensils, worn through use, and careful gestures that repeat today as in the past.

The materials
Our choices

For us, every single ingredient is fundamental in creation of the end product. The very first stage of our work is choosing the raw materials, of the highest quality, selected and assembled with care.

Our passion

From raw leather to shoe: a process that takes four weeks. It is a matter of great pride for us that in our laboratory we control every moment of the creation procedure: from the initial sketches on paper to cutting the leather, from creating the last to sewing the soles, right through to the final stages of finishing and polishing.

Black sewing
Our pledge

This is a traditional, complicated, painstaking procedure that entails sewing the sole to the leather upper, guaranteeing longer life and more flexibility than ordinary techniques.

Our attention

A close-up look at one of our shoes will reveal meticulous attention to details and care reserved for finishing. Nothing escapes the expert eye of our artisans.

Finishing and polishing
Our care

Trimming of the soles, colouring and brushing of the shoe, polishing of the uppers. No stage is left to chance, they all come together in the creation of an inimitable product, unique and, above all, comfortable.

Maintenance and care
Your Henderson shoes

Shoe creams with a high wax content, polish, cotton cloths, soft bristle brushes and sponges: only natural quality products. Our shoes are made to last in time – look after them properly.